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Zsolt Árpád Papp
Space DebrisAnother face turning associahedron with different cutting depths than seen before.
SpaceflowerAnother face turning Associahedron. A jumbling only face turning triangular dipyramid plus three doctrinaire turns.
Split 1x2x3 IIA 1x2x3 where the corners are split up by two planes.

Split 1x2x3 IIIA 1x2x3 with split edges. The concept of Square-1 turned upside down.
Split 1x2x3 PlusA 1x2x3 where the corner pieces were split several times.
Split Crazy 1x2x3A Crazy 1x2x3 where several pieces were split up.

Split Void 2x3x3A Void 2x3x3 (aka Torus Cube) with split edges.
Spotted CubeA contur cut 3x3x3 inspired by the Valentine Cube.
Star StormYet another face turning associahedron. Nine axes, three of them doctrinaire.

Straight 1x2x3The simplest jumbling-only geometry reshaped into a cuboid and unbandaged.
Szilassi 1x2x3A 1x2x3 in shape of the Szilassi Polyhedron.
TriCopter 6 Plus IIThe successor of the TriCopter 6 Plus with more cuts.

Triangle TowerThe mechanism of the Missing Link and the 1x2x3 combined into one puzzle.
Tricky 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with split corners and split edges that allow a kind of move independent from the puzzle's core.
Tricky 2x3x3 IIThis puzzle looks identical to the first puzzle of its name but it is indeed a bandaged cuboid.

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