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Zsolt Árpád Papp
Inverse-2A similar puzzle to the Inverse-1 but the edges on the middle layer were split into two halves.
Jessen's 2x2x2A straightforward (?) shape variant. In this case the shape is Jessen's Orthogonal Icosahedron.
Master Compy CubeA Compy Cube with an additional set of cuts.

Master Hexa FloppyThis is the master version of the Hexa Floppy.
Meshing DominoesA square and a pentagonal domino connected with gears.
MeteoriteA face turning Associahedron. A jumbling only face turning triangular dipyramid plus three doctrinaire turns.

Mini 2x3x3A 3D-printed 2x3x3 with cubies of 10 mm.
MoonstoneA Basic Gem with an additional type of turn.
NeutrinoAnother puzzle with an edge turning triangular prism. All cuts are deep.

Odd ConnectionA 1x3x3 and a Tetraminx fused into one puzzle.
PentaflowerA cylindrical pentagonal prism with one layer.
Pregnant Woman's Torso 1x2x3Yet another shape transformation of the 1x2x3.

Quartered Edges 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with edges cut into quarters. Could be viewed as a bandaged 6x6x6.
Radiating CheeseRubiks Cheese resembling the radioactivity symbol.
Restricted Crazy Junior BarrelThe Crazy Junior Barrel with some constraints.

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