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TriZebron Cube
LargeImage #9903
Above: Version 1
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A cube with white and gray triangles laid out in diagonal stripes around the puzzle.

Version 1 is composed of small triangles that occupy 1/4 of the space of each square on the cube’s face. Each square on the cube contains two adjacent triangles of the same colour, and the rest of the space is left blank. The blank black areas are supposed to be considered unstickered, but they are part of the printed stickers.

The small triangles are arranged in two bigger triangles that form a concentric pattern around a corner of the cube. The same pattern can be seen on the opposite corner. The small triangles also form a white strip that goes around the cube.

This layout is very similar to the layouts of the 4-colour Cebra cube by Antonio Rodriguez Perez and the Armageddon Cube by Fabio Causarano, although both of these cubes use several different colors around the puzzle.

Version 2 also uses the same layout but it incorporates more small triangles and filled up the blank spaces. Some of the concentric triangles are formed with smaller triangles with the same shade of gray but some are formed by alternating pairs of white and gray triangles.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Anele Biscarra.


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