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Sausage's Hybrid Speed Solution

This will be brief. I have adapted this solution from the traditional layer by layer method, however, it also contains a mixture of the ideas presented in both the Petrus method and the Jiri Method. I believe my method to be faster than all others only in the sense that it is easier to locate the pieces and deal with them than other methods.

People are all different. Some can locate and recognise pieces faster and in differnet ways. With my method, I can deal with the individual pieces, faster and better. This may also be the case with you.


A special thank you to Karl Hornell for allowing me to use his java applet Rubik Unbound and take screen captures of the various stages of the solution.

Parts of the Cube

Figure 1

During the tutorial, I may use images like the one in Figure 1. The cube pieces in grey represent any colour. They are pieces that are unimportant and are not in their correct position. Pieces in Dark grey, mean that they are pieces currently in the correct position, but are not the focus of attention.

I will refer to various pieces as either centre cubies, edge cubies, or corner cubies. To best define these, take a look at the following illustrations:

Figure 2

These are called centre cubies and contain only 1 coloured sticker. During the tutorial, for example, I may refer to the RED face. This will be the face that has the RED centre cubie on it.

Figure 3

These are called edge cubies and contain 2 coloured stickers.

Figure 4

These are called corner cubies and contain 3 coloured stickers.

Just before we head off to start the tutorial, I should note that we will be starting with a mixed cube that looks like the cube on the right. Your cube will not be the same! If you would like to follow along, you will need to start will a solved cube and I can give you a long algorithm to make it the same as the starting cube. ALSO, the cube need to be BLUE opposite WHITE, RED opposite ORANGE, and YELLOW opposite GREEN. The second popular cube is GREEN opposite YELLOW, but unfortunately, I couldn't do both.

If you want instructions on getting to the starting position, go here.

We should be ready to start. Go to Step 1.

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