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 Post subject: Conspiracy theory movie idea
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:03 pm 
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So I read this long article from Wired the other day. I'm not sure what all to believe, some may be exaggerated or completely wrong for all I know. It's interesting none the less. ... nter/all/1

Well, I put my tinfoil hat on and thought about this conspiracy theory that would probably make a good movie. If someone wants to write it into a screen play, go for it, just let me see the movie for free when it's out and pay off my mortgage :P

The premise is basically a few secret people who have insane control of the government (could be any government or group of governments) workings. They become paranoid of the general population plotting against the government as a whole. It gets to the point that they want to essentially log every single phone call/email/communication transmitted to try to find any plots against its people or of the actual inner workings of the government.
The movie progresses such that they want to create an unprecedented secret data center to accomplish this. We're talking small town sized - yottabytes of data, etc. Unfortunately not even the few elite in charge can get it funded in such a way as to keep it secret.

Meanwhile the movie progresses on a side plot about how hackers are setting up these sophisticated bot nets to steal credit card info and log passwords and set up denial of service attacks and other fun things bot nets are set up to do. The governments around the world are all trying to get these shut down in a big cat and mouse game.

So in a bit of a twist, these bot nets are actually set up by the elite officials and the credit card info and passwords and stuff is just a decoy as to what the bot nets are really designed to do which is a complete logging of all communications. They realized that having a centralized location wasn't going to happen and would set it up as a target, so instead it's set up as a bot net. They build into it a tremendous amount of redundancy for when computers get taken out of it (someone clears out the virus or whatever).

Anyway, that's where I'm at with the crazy conspiracy theory movie. Feel free to make suggestions or write a screen play from it.


 Post subject: Re: Conspiracy theory movie idea
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:45 pm 
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This sounds pretty good. I might try to write something from this.

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