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 Post subject: 3x3x3 Promo Cubes
PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:30 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:10 am
Location: Toronto, Canada
So I've decided once and for all to sell off the majority of my collection. Most items I'll be listing one at a time on eBay over the next few months. Easy enough. However, I've got a large collection of 3x3x3 promo cubes that some puzzle enthusiasts won't be interested in, which would make selling them one at a time (or even in themed groups) on eBay a waste of time and money. So I'm going to start by listing them for sale here.

OFFERS FOR INDIVIDUAL PUZZLES ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED. If you'd like to buy one or more, please send me an e-mail at, not a forum PM. I'm requesting minimum offers of $5 per cube. Quantity discounts can be negotiated. I'll accept offers until October 28th. Let me know if you'd like me to tell you if someone has outbid you; if you don't want me to, I won't. Buyers will also cover the exact shipping costs using the Canada Post shipping method of their choice. Shipping estimates can be found here (use postal code "L5L 3Z6" in the "From" box). If a shipment value exceeds $100, additional insurance may be required at a nominal cost.

Selling them in one large group to a collector would be very convenient and has the benefit of keeping this lovingly-assembled collection in one piece. So if you happen to want to be the owner of what is certainly one of the largest collection of 3x3x3 sticker variations in the world, make me an offer for the 154 puzzles you see pictured below. (I have others, so do keep in mind that your offer is only for those puzzles pictured below.) Over and above your offer, you will be asked to cover insured and tracked shipping. Pick up can be arranged for a buyer in the Greater Toronto Area.

Offers for the entire collection will be accepted up until October 10th. If the collection hasn't sold by that time, I will then post the details of how to make offers for individual puzzles. Please don't make individual offers before I ask for them.

Click the images to see the full-size versions. If you want a closer look at one of the puzzles, try the Museum. Many of these cubes were photo models for their respective museum entries. Descriptions of the puzzles can be found after the photos.

A1 - Enron (taped plastic bag)
A2 - Nikon (sealed bag)
A3 - Micardis
A4 - Egger (shink wrapped)
A5 - Black, Gould & Associates
B1 - RayBan & other brands
B2 - SanFrancisco Giants (sealed bag)
B3 - Michigan State University (sealed)
B4 - University of Michigan (sealed)
B5 - Chess (black pieces on semi-reflective silver stickers)
C1 - Certified General Accountants
C2 - Horizon Credit Union (sealed)
C3 - Skilled Engineering
C4 - Datastream
C5 - CDW
D1 - 94.3 (German radio station)
D2 - Rubik the Amazing Cube
D3 - WWF
D4 - Grand Theft Auto - Vice City (sealed)
D5 - That 80's Show
E1 - Virgin Megastore (popular bands/albums)
E2 - Dude, Where's My Car
E3 - Britney Spears
E4 - ET
E5 - Murder By Numbers (boxed)
F1 - Doritos (sealed)
F2 - Walkers Crisps 1
F3 - Walkers Crisps 2
F4 - M&Ms
F5 - PTD
G1 - Camel Cigarettes (boxed)
G2 - Jack Daniels (some stickers are coming loose)
G3 - Bud Ice Beer
G4 - Original Coors Beer
G5 - Michelob Beer
H1 - Holes professionally punched in each sticker
H2 - Dice, white plastic
H3 - 3D Dice
H4 - Dice, white pips
H5 - Dice, black pips
I1 - Geistlich Cube
I2 - Thomson Pharma
I3 - Selkirk
I4 - Certified General Accountants
I5 - WEA Record Companies
J1 - Christmas Theme
J2 - Mickey Mouse golfing (cheap tiled cube)
J3 - Tweety Bird (cheap tiled cube)
J4 - Donald Duck (cheap tiled cube)
J5 - Snoopy (cheap tiled cube)
K1 - McDonalds Promotional (boxed)
K2 - McDonalds Corporate Meeting (boxed - torn & taped)
K3 - Dairy Queen The Kube (boxed)
K4 - BMC Software (boxed)
K5 - ICQ (boxed)
L1 - Barnett Bank (boxed)
L2 - Pierre Cardin with other logos & umbrellas (boxed)
L3 - Sports Balls (boxed)
L4 - Religions Objects (boxed)
L5 - Flowers (boxed)
M1 - Poker Cube (all Poker Cubes are distinct from each other)
M2 - Poker Cube (has golden stars and flowers, all Poker Cubes are distinct from each other))
M3 - Poker Cube (boxed - all Poker Cubes are distinct from each other)
M4 - Poker Cube (boxed - all Poker Cubes are distinct from each other)
M5 - Poker Cube (boxed - all Poker Cubes are distinct from each other)
N1 - Flags (boxed)
N2 - Fruits (boxed - distinct from the other Fruits Cube)
N3 - Fruits (boxed - distinct from the other Fruits Cube)
N4 - Poker Cube (white plastic)
N5 - Poker Cube (face cards, sealed)
O1 - Magic Sqares keychain cube
O2 - Letters, Numbers, Symbols (cheap tiled cube, sealed)
O3 - Magic Squares (boxed)
O4 - Numbers (large, cheap - each face numbered 1-9 in order)
O5 - Pikachu Jumbo Cube
P1 - Zoo Animals
P2 - Butterflies
P3 - People (seems to be stickers stuck on a standard cube)
P4 - PangPang
P5 - GeoLino
Q1 - Microdata Problem Solvers
Q3 - Pochacco Cube
Q4 - Alien
Q5 - Mickey Mouse playing sports (boxed)
R1 - Aetna
R2 - Free Trade Zone
R3 - Siemens
R4 - Novell
R5 - Union Bank of California (one sticker missing)
S1 - Arkiekube (Archaeology Cube)
S2 - Microsoft
S3 - Schering
S4 - Kisi Bulli Brunnquell Cube
S5 - A Class
T1 - Hippie Cube Keychain
T2 - Smilie Faces (bad shape, center cap missing as well as some stickers)
T3 - Smilie Faces (decent)
T4 - Hippie Cube
T5 - Manpower
U1 - Intel (boxed & sealed)
U2 - Western Stress (boxed)
U3 - IPD Boulder (boxed)
U4 - Norville Cube (boxed)
U5 - Texaco (boxed)
V1 - Actovegin/Horm Cube
V2 - Pluris TNS
V3 - Deuka Cube
V4 - Ransomes Jacobsen Cube
V5 - JCPenny Brands
W1 - Aida Cube
W2 - Princess Cruise Lines - Kids
W3 - Eddie Stobart
W4 - Cutler's Gardens London
W5 - Bassett Furniture Cube
X1 - Smurfs (boxed)
X2 - Lucky Charms (boxed & sealed)
X3 - Chex (boxed in original mailer)
X4 - Chex (boxed in original mailer)
X5 - Chex (boxed in original mailer)
Y1 - Deutche Telecom (includes box & stand)
Y2 - Deutche Telecom (bagged, otherwise same as Y1)
Y3 - Deutche Telecom (different)
Y4 - Adobe Publishing Collection
Y5 - Binder Cube
Z1 - Mickey Mouse (cheap cube)
Z2 - Some Anime Character (cheap cube)
Z3 - Mickey Mouse Golfing (cheap cube)
Z4 - Cat Playing Soccer (cheap cube)
Z5 - Gorilla
21 - Pac Man
22 - Puppy Dog
23 - Dog
24 - Cat
25 - Another Dog
31 - Boob Cube Keychain (boxed - distinct from 32)
32 - Boob Cube Keychain (boxed - distinct from 31)
33 - Boob Cube Puzzler (boxed)
34 - Nude Women Wonderful Puzzler
35 - Sexual Positions
41 - Elephant (sealed)
42 - Hippo (sealed)
43 - Rhino (sealed)
44 - Gorilla (sealed)
45 - Teddy Bear (sealed)
51 - Cartoon Character keychain
52 - Christmas Keychain
53 - Clairol Key Chain Cube
54 - TGI Friday's Keychain Cube
55 - Halloween Keychain Cube
61 - Sailor Moon Keychain
62 - Scooby Doo Keychain Cube
63 - Pochacco Key Chain 30mm
64 - Pochacco Key Chain 34mm


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Now accepting offers for individual puzzles.

 Post subject: Re: 3x3x3 Promo Cubes
PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:14 pm 

Joined: Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:32 pm
Location: Tokyo
Sandy wrote:
So I've decided once and for all to sell off the majority of my collection.
Don't do it. You WILL regret it some day. The items in this page are a likely exception though.


Sandy wrote:
A1 - Enron (taped plastic bag)
Cubesmith sells a plastic razor blade that you could use to add value to this puzzle.

edit: P.P.S.

Aren't we lucky that Canada has laws to prevent Enron from happening in Canada, and the US has laws to prevent Bre-X from happening in the US.

May the force not be with you.

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 Post subject: Re: 3x3x3 Promo Cubes
PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:10 am 
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Joined: Sun Apr 16, 2000 3:17 pm
Location: Hong Kong
If there were a flag on the forum it would be flying at half mast today.

I'm saddened by this news, but will not argue your choices.

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Katsmom's Puzzling Videos

 Post subject: Re: 3x3x3 Promo Cubes
PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:43 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:10 am
Location: Toronto, Canada
I think some context would be helpful in preventing this thread from filling up with responses expressing caution and regret for my decision!

1. For 2-3 years now this collection has sat in its display cabinets (and more cabinets, drawers and boxes upon boxes in the garage), unused, unchanging and unadored. Very rarely do I even pick up a puzzle for the enjoyment of solving it anymore. (I do still do this however, and I therefore intend to keep a few dozen of my favourites.)

2. I have long since adapted a life philosophy of valuing my state of "being" over what it is I'm "doing" or what it is I "possess". I have so many possessions that I need a very large (and expensive) house just to store them! In some ways, they have come to possess me as their caretaker. An arguement could be made that the level of accumulation of possessions I exhibited was akin to a disease. I currently have coin collections, book collections, DVD collections, CD collections, cassette tape collections, etc, etc, etc, not to mention an excess of the things often called "neccessary" (computers, furniture, dishes, space, warmth, food, etc). Reducing the number of possessions I caretake is helping me discover a more meaningful balance in my life. Enjoying life primarily from within rather than without is a change that is happening at a most fundamental psycological level within me, and I don't forsee it reversing for the remainder of my life.

3. All income from the sales of this collection will be reinvested into I continue to aspire towards the vision of making a full time job for myself. I see many website improvements that can be made for benefit of this community but I don't seem to make the time to manifest them while I am spending 45+ hours a week on an alternative full time job and choosing to spend most of the remainder of my time with my wife and sons. The shop has been growing steadily since I launched it last year, yet the rate of sales is currently perhaps 5-10% of what it needs to be for me to be able to maintain my current lifestyle while switching my full time employment to So the idea is that the conversion of my collection into shop inventory will give a much needed boost to the sales and profits of the store.

While I appreciate the care being expressed, I want to make it clear that this is not a decision I have made lightly. I'm sure some of you recall me mentioning it long ago. I have considered long and hard, and now my decision has been made. I have gone ahead with it because I am now quite certain it is the right move for me and that I will not come to regret it.


 Post subject: Re: 3x3x3 Promo Cubes
PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:44 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:10 am
Location: Toronto, Canada
Offers for individual puzzles are now being accepted. See the first message in the thread for details.


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