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 Post subject: A brand new mechanism for deep cut puzzle and the sun cube
PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 6:13 am 
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Hello everybody!

I was waiting for my Kantikub which must arrive from Shapeways Tuesday and I said: I want to create a new puzzle! :D

So I took a cube and looked at which cuts I could make on it (and which hadn't been done before). And I found a very interesting one!

So I reproduced this cut on the cube and this is the result (click):

"Wow" I said, this is awesome, I’m going to call this the Sun cube, and the spherical version... Aperture ball! Yeah!

But... this is a deep cut puzzle! Oh no, it's very hard to find a mechanism for such puzzles! How am I going to do?
I looked at the 24-cube without magnet and I’ve been afraid! So I tried to find a new mechanism.

My idea is quite complicated and I’ll try to explain this in English but also in French so as you can (if you understand French) see how it works.
L’idée est basée sur la notion de frottement.
On imagine tout d’abord qu’une des pièces du cube est collée à la sphère centrale qui sert de support. Ainsi, lorsqu’on tourne une couronne, la sphère centrale est liée au mouvement d’une des deux mains. Imaginons à présent qu’au niveau du plan de rotation se trouvent des pièces internes qui forment une couronne, un peu comme le 2x2x2 de chez Rubik. Ces pièces permettent la tenue du puzzle mais n’étant liées à rien, elles risquent de se désaligner, rendant impossible toute autre rotation. L’idée pour éviter ce désalignement est de leur imposer de rester « collées » avec la sphère centrale, et ce grâce à un coefficient de frottement élevé entre la sphère centrale et ces pièces internes.
Le problème qui se pose alors est le suivant : la couronne que l’o fait tourner contient aussi de telles pièces qui doivent glisser sur la sphère centrale. Prenons un 2x2x2 de chez rubik et imaginons qu’on applique ce système : si l’on tourne la face blanche, les arêtes cachées de la face blanche devront glisser sur la sphère centrale et si le coefficient de frottement est trop élevé, la rotation sera pénible. L’idée est donc de se débrouiller pour que le coefficient de frottement soit anisotrope : beaucoup de frottement dans l’axe du rail de la pièce et très peu perpendiculairement.
Ma solution est de coller sous ces petites pièces une fine couche de silicone ayant un profil particulier : si l’on tente une rotation dans le sens des stries il y a peu de résistance, tandis qu’une rotation perpendiculaire à ces stries est laborieuse !
Enfin, l’ultime problème est que ces pièces centrales vont finir par être complètement mélangées à l’intérieur du cube et pourraient bloquer des rotations éventuelles, mais il me semble qu’en mettant des pièces petites et espacées ayant un profil adéquat, elles pourraient se glisser aux bons endroits au bon moment ! :lol:

The idea is based on the notion of friction.
We imagine first of all that one of the parts of the cube is stuck on the central sphere which serves as support. So, when we turn a crown, the central sphere is bound to the movement of one of the two hands. Let us imagine now that at the level of the plan of rotation are internal parts which form a third crown, just as a 2x2x2 from Rubik. These parts allow the holding of the puzzle but being connected to nothing, they risk misaligning, making impossible any other rotation. The idea to avoid this misalignment is to impose on them to remain "stuck" with the central sphere, and it thanks to a high coefficient of friction between the central sphere and these internal parts.
The problem that arises then is the following one: the crown which we make turn also contains such parts which have to slide on the central sphere. Let us take one 2x2x2 from rubik and let us imagine that we apply this system: if we turn the white face, fish edges hidden from the white face will have to slide on the central sphere and if the coefficient of friction is too high, the rotation will be painful. The idea thus is to manage so that the coefficient of friction is anisotropic: a lot of friction in the axis of the rail of the part and little perpendicularly.
My solution is to stick under these small parts a fine coat of silicone having a particular profile: if we try a rotation in the direction of it streak, there is not much resistance, whereas a perpendicular rotation in these streaks is laborious!
Finally, the ultimate problem is that these central parts are going eventually completely mixed inside the cube and could block possible rotations, but it seems to me that by putting small and spaced out parts having an adequate profile, they could skip in the good places at the right time! :lol:

the internal parts have to stick to the central sphere !

A zoom on the silicone coat :

Perhaps could it work for the big Chop ?! :P

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 Post subject: Re: A brand new mechanism for deep cut puzzle and the sun cu
PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 10:21 am 
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Unfortunately, your idea is not new.
The mechanism sounds very confusing to me, but it sounds similar to a mech for a Big Chop I've been thinking about. Pretty interesting!

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