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 Post subject: My Job Application
PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:54 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:10 am
Location: Toronto, Canada
Since my first idea of taking on the Virtual Puzzle Museum seven years ago, my vision for this website has always been grand. The potential was obvious, and my enthusiasm was at its peak. I envisioned the addition of many aspects to the website: gathering pictures and descriptions of every notable puzzle, hosting a priceless archive of the rich history and varied information of this field, having an online store that had all the product lines in one place, providing a dozen services that were not being offered anywhere else at the time (and many that still aren't), discovering boxes of unsold puzzle stock sitting around in a warehouse in eastern Europe and distributing them to the collectors who would cherish them, producing books and "multimedia CDs" about twisty puzzles, resurrecting puzzles that are now out of production and producing puzzles that were never produced, hosting and supporting a thriving community both online and offline, and so on.

Even though I had this ever-growing vision for in mind, the level of my commitment to manifesting that vision has evidently been low over the years. I decided long ago that was a "hobby", and that I would focus on it in the little bits of spare time I had between my full time job, my family, and my other life pursuits. The cumulative effect of investing little bits of time over a few years eventually resulted in the addition of some great features and content to the site. Then, for about 3 years as my life went through quite a skid and eventually bottomed out, I did little more around here than pay the bills. I'm back on my feet now, and in terms of, I'm back to where I started: I'm feeling the enthusiasm for the site and I'm adding to my grand vision... and I'm still attempting to focus on the site only in my spare time. If this continues, will grow slowly, but it will continue to be what it always has been: a mediocre website with massive unrealized potential.

The problem with aiming low is that you usually hit what you're aiming for. I've come to realize that I'd rather aim high, even if it means missing a lot. After all, not knowing the outcome is what makes life exciting, and achieving your highest goals is what makes life fulfilling. In terms of my vision for this site, I aim good and high, but in my commitment to that vision, I have historically aimed low. And, predictably, "low" is the mark I hit. That changes now.

With the launch of the new design and the online store, I hereby officially announce my intention to create a full time job for myself by serving the twisty community through this website. I am no longer satisfied with attempting to serve this community in bits of my spare time. I have a lot to offer and the perfect opportunity in this website to offer it, but I can only do justice to my vision for this community by dedicating more of my time to it. This relaunch is the first concrete step in my transition between my current traditional employment and my envisioned self-employment in the service of the worldwide twisty puzzle community.

So am I good enough for the job? Are you interested in hiring me? Your actions will let me know when I'm doing well, and when I'm not. Your actions will let me know if you're interested in keeping me as an employee or if you're unsatisfied with my performance. There are a number of ways you can accept this "job application":

  • If you're buying twisty-related products or services, buy them here. If you're buying them elsewhere, let me know why. Maybe I've priced things too high and have to look at bringing prices down.
  • If you're buying twisty-related products or services elsewhere that I don't have here, let me know. I will get them if I can. I want this site to be "the one with everything"... as long as we're not talking about the cheap knock off puzzles that some sites specialize in.
  • If you know directly where I can buy wholesale products to sell in the store, let me know. This can include auctions for quantities of 20 or more. If I end up buying items for resale in the store through a tip like this, I'll give the first person to give me the tip a gift certificate equal to 5% of the selling price of the first order I place with the supplier.
  • If you would like to sell moderate to large quantities of production or custom puzzles through the store, let me know.
  • If you have any ideas of products or services that I can offer, let me know.
  • If is the perfect place to offer your product or service, let's talk.

I look forward to your response!


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