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 Post subject: Rubik Shell Question
PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2000 8:26 am 
Ok, I know I should not have done it, but after solving thisthing without the buttons pushed, I PUSHED THEM. I am still working on solving it now but had a question. I know that they hint to the fact that once they are pushed there is no return. Is this really true? If so, that is a great marketing ploy. Then I will have to buy at least 3 but more likely 4 of these puzzles to cover all combinations of the button orientations. That would suck. I mean, I would want all possible combinations in my collection. Please let it not be true...

 Post subject: Same question here...
PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2000 1:39 pm 
I solved it when I bought it...
Solved it with one button, not too much harder...
Now I can't solve it.

I think it would be better to go between the levels, at least a little more fun. But I guess the locked buttons forces you to solve it.

 Post subject: Cruel niceties
PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2000 1:29 am 
One problem I've had buying some "rare" puzzles off eBay is that I solve them one hour after they arrive, like SpinOut. Shells were made with the ieda that everyone wants some accomplishment at the start, but not for that to be all the puzzle can do. Once you've figured out a 2x2x2 puzzle, you move on to a better puzzle. With Shells, you get three puzzles in the same package. And it doesn't take the "training wheels" off till you're ready. I like it! Think of what could have happened if the Revenge were promoted as being a 3-in-1 puzzle? Same thing here. The Revenge can emulate (exactly) the 2x2x2 and 3x3x3, but I rarely see that fact mentioned.

And as for eBay value--do what the action figure collectors do when they can afford it: buy one to play with and one to leave untouched to sell. Just a thought.

 Post subject: Bad news for you... (Related to rubik's triamid too!)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2000 8:26 am 
Unless you take the entire thing apart (resulting in a broken puzzle) You can't unpress the buttons. If you could, what would be the point of having them? If a person was having trouble near the end, They would just unpress it and solve it right away. This is similar to rubik's triamid. When I got stuck, I just took the thing apart. It made it less challenging. I think buying 3 others and pressing a button on two of the others is a bad idea. It's not as challenging plus there will come a day when a friend wants to play with it and "accidentally" presses the other button. Besides, solving it one button is not very difficult. I'm just imagining ten years from now when they start popping up on ebay as that old puzzle. Do you think the ones that weren't pressed get more money?

 Post subject: Rare puzzles? Nice try!
PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2000 1:29 am 
Good thinking on the "buy two and play with one" idea. Anyway you mentioned the spin out puzzle earlier. This isn't very rare for now. Just a hint, the only puzzle made by binary arts that is worth having is Triple Cross. This is similar to Rubik's XV in which it is a sliding tile puzzle where many tiles move at one time. In fact there are 3 challenges in this one as well. Get the logo correct, get the three circles in a line, and finally complete the sphere. If you are really good, get all three things done at one time. This is even tougher than the shell because there are only three possible moves to do at any given time. Enjoy!

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