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 Post subject: So many versions of KOs... (no revelations!)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:21 am 
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As stated in title, I'm not going to reveal any sources.
But for those that already know them, I was shocked when I've seen _how_many_ 6x6x6 and especially 7x7x7 are there. Why do they need so many versions? Is it because various 'clients' asked for various packaging of the same thing? Or is it that the KO pirates are themselves struggling to perfect the so called product. In other words they didn't get the cloning right initially.

If clients asked for packaging variations, it is staggering how many clients the pirates have. If each client has a minimum of 3000 pieces in the run, wow, this is a sizeable market that has not been adequately covered by the proper channel.

However if the KO has so many runs in order to perfect the cloning, it is staggering how expensive a process turns out to be for them. Again, it indicates that (at least they believe) they have a large enough market in order to recoup such expenses.

The only way I could think that my conclusions are false is if each run were not 3000 pieces but much, much less. But this would run counter to what katsmom related from Mefferts that 3000 is usually a minimum run.

 Post subject: Re: So many versions of KOs... (no revelations!)
PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:26 am 
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If I would I'll have a go at this, and I am probably wrong.

For many years, China businesses were all state owned. When they were opened up to individuals, the government didn't care what was produced, they wanted to lower the trade deficit.

Corruption was (and is to a certain extent) still rampant. So if anyone was reported, a few hands were greased and all was well.

The problem now lies with companies not filing patents in China itself. I don't think they recognize any that aren't registered there (but not quite sure about this) So these companies are exploiting a loophole, filing a patent with the local patent agency-still not fully centralized, and they are legal for sale in China-that's it in a nutshell.

The big problem comes in when these companies start selling them on eBay. Now we have access to them. Others register a company in China and a sister company in HK and sell from here. For these puzzles, we are not part of China. Even I can't buy them legally here-but I can there and bring them back for personal use or as a gift. Check your boxes when you buy a KO. I'll lay odds it is posted from here and marked gift to get past customs.

Now, if you read my last post, the Central Government is attempting to do something about this. They are monitoring state run webpages, and cutting out western web pages. Is too much censorship good? Too little? As Uwe said tonight, we need some, striking the right balance is difficult.

Good lord, what is wrong with me? two slightly political posts in one night! I must be high on fumes :wink:

I was on my notebook and realize now that I didn't answer your question. These puzzles that I pay HK$70 for sell for 40yuan on the mainland. 3000 is a minimum run, but you are talking about acountry with billions of people. I would lay odds they sell those 3000 each MONTH to us in the west. the rest is profit. I overheard a conversation a while ago the parties were talking about just how much more money they could make by selling puzzles outside of China. More than enough for most of us to stay happy for a while. The sales on the mainland were just considered extra cash.

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