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A doctrinaire puzzle with two axis with threefold rotation and decagonal pieces.

Tridecalis was designed as a very strange deeper-than-origin non-jumbling puzzle with only two axes of rotation, each capable of 120 degree rotations. It is sort of a higher order version of the Trientalis, please refer to the separate entry. Tridecalis uses decagons at the center of each face rather than heptagons, hence the name. Tridecalis has every single piece type present on the Trientalis, plus one extra piece type: the small triangles surrounding every decagon. Instead of using the prism shape that the Trientalis has, the designer cut down the solid so that the overall size of the puzzle can be reduced, and it ended up resembling more of a sphere than a prism. The sticker scheme emulates the sticker scheme of the Trientalis, hence the use of 5 colors.

Tridecalis has 94 external pieces (including the stationary core piece), which is really large for a puzzle with only 2 axes.
Also because of the high piece count, the turning quality has taken a toll. The very small triangles tend to catch if you are not careful and can even dislodge from their positions, but at least they do not pop. However, when they don't catch, the turning of the puzzle is actually fine.



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