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Heartrix Inverted
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Bygride-3-3-4 with different cutting depths.

This puzzle is designed by adding one more 3-fold axis to Bram’s Sphere Inverted (see the separate entry), transforming it to the shape of the Heartrix (see the separate entry), and then adjusting its cut depth to hide the centres of the two 3-fold axes. Phrased differently, the puzzle could be seen as a truncated tetragonal trapezohedron with one 4-sided corner and two 3-sided corners that can be turned. The 4-sided corner turn is a deeper-than-origin cut.
Another relative is the TriQuad. Compared with that Heartrix adds another axis.
Like the Heartrix it has two axes with 120° turns and one axis with 90° turns. Unlike the Heartrix the cuttings depths are totally different.
The inventor was fascinated by the thread "Making non-jumbling puzzles great again" and all the puzzles the discussions led to. In early 2019, he wrote a post on mf8 forum to introduce those concepts and puzzles to Chinese cubers. Two years later he came up with the Heatrix Inverted and decided to print it out.
A standard two-shell mechanism is used. Unfortunately he forgot to add tolerance to some faces, so he had to do some extra sanding work to make it playable.
Edge length (short edges of the underlying tetragonal trapezohedron): 38 mm
Weight: 92 grams



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