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Slide Cube (aka: Chang's IQ Cube)
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A fun little moving-space puzzle.

Tip, twist, and tilt your way to a solution. A really simple idea that resulted in an entertaining little puzzle.

Joe invented this puzzle prior to any knowledge of the IQube or the Magic Jack. The aim is simple, to return the dice to a layer of red, one of white and one of green.

I get the impression looking at the jumble of pips on the top of the cube that manufacturing precision wasn't important. It is impossible to rotate a die... there isn't enough room. I have seen pictures of others that are all nicely arranged and have pink, yellow, and black dice.

The text on one side reads: "SLIDE CUBE", "Sliding Dice Manipulation PUZZLE", "OBJECT: By tilting & spinning Cube separate dice by color onto individual layers.", "(360) 479-8384", "Pat. Pend.", "", Followed by a warning about how bad of an idea it is to feed children the dice.



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