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Tahitiminx Adventure
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A bandaged megaminx customly painted with four intertwined motives based on an elaborate story.

The mission had been going so well. We were on a temporal recovery mission, gathering Celestial Keys from across time and space. There must have been a malfunction in the locator circuits, and our vessel materialized in the side of a mountain. Twenty three cyborgs destroyed, I was the only survivor.
Most of my tech, except for the life support systems, was damaged beyond repair. I knew that I could create a small time-gate if I could find this world's Celestial Key, but I was stranded on an empty island, no trees to build a raft
I tried to keep busy, but I couldn't even last a century before the boredom overtook me. I entered dormant mode, and my internal chronometer says I was dormant for 578 years. The man who woke me was a pirate captain. I easily impressed his men with my physical strength, and they brought me on as part of their crew.
When the captain was full of rum he sometimes spoke of the treasure of the lightning stone: a huge crate of gold and a giant blue gem said to be magical.
After discussion with the crew about the details of the story and the stone, I realized that there was a high probability that this was indeed a Celestial Key, we were searching for the same thing.
There was some trepidation from the crew, due to tales of monsters and magic, but I convinced them that my augmented strength was more than a match for anything their superstitions could conjure up. We changed course, and set sail for Tahiti.
After some weeks of travel, we made landfall in Tahiti. A group of spirited natives came to greet us with weapons and fire. A quarter of the crew was felled in that skirmish, and we fled down the coastline.
If my scanners had been functional I would have been able to follow an energy signature, but instead we depended on the Captains vague notes and map pieces to guide us. When we reached a rocky outcropping described in the notes, we turned inland, up the mountain.
When the pirates at the head of our group began screaming "Dragon! Dragon!" I assumed they had seen a large lizard. The ground trembled under our feet, and a tremendous roar filled the air. Pirates scattered in all directions, running from a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex. Before my mission on this world began, I had downloaded the known history of the Earth, and I knew that this creature died out millions of years ago. It must have been caught up in a chronal vortex, dragged through time. What could have caused it? My own arrival in this time period? Or was something wrong with the Celestial Key that we were searching for?
Most of the crew was killed by dinosaurs, and the rest fled. Only the Captain and I remained. He proved himself quite capable at evading rolling boulders and poison darts, and he was the one who found the most efficient way to dispatch the giant dragonflies. I realized his irrational human nature was quite useful, and we ended up making a good team.
At long last we found the treasure. I installed the Celestial Key in my forearm port, my whole body thrummed with energy as I reached full power for the first time in centuries. My time circuits took a moment to charge up. I realized that I would have to investigate the timestream to see what else the chronal vortex had disrupted. I was sure to run into irrational situations that I was ill prepared for, so I would require an irrational teammate. As I activated the time device, I grabbed the captain, and we entered the timestream together. Our adventures were just beginning.



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