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Star Trap Plus
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A version of Star Trap with some additional cuts, unbandaging it a bit further.

The Star Trap Plus is an unbandaging of the Star Trap. Please refer to the separate entry. The Star Trap itself already had one stored cut present in its internals, and the Star Trap Plus retains this internal cut and adds a second type of stored cut on the surface of the puzzle, splitting each equatorial edge piece (piecetype G) into 3 pieces, one copy of what the inventor calls G1 and two copies of what he calls G2. This adds 16 new pieces relative to the Star Trap, giving the Star Trap Plus a total of 99 pieces: 66 external pieces, and 33 internal pieces (including the core). Despite there being 12 mathematical piecetypes, there are only 10 uniquely shaped pieces in the Star Trap Plus, as internal piecetypes B and C1 are identical and external piecetypes G2 and H are identical.
Just like it's more bandaged predecessor, each grip of the Star Trap Plus has 7 stops and implements all 3 jumbling layers of the Tetragonal Trapezohedron geometry.
The additional stored cuts on the Star Trap Plus are both a blessing and a curse, as they allow for greater freedom in moving pieces with fewer grips blocked on average, but at the cost of adding additional pieces that require new algorithms to place. In exploring the Shape Spaces of the Jumble Trap and Jumble Trap Unbandaged, the inventor discovered that Jumble Trap Unbandaged Shape Space is larger but shallower than the Jumble Trap Shape Space. He suspect the same is true of the Star Trap Plus Shape Space when compared to the Star Trap Shape Space. The extra cuts provide shortcuts to outlier shapes, but add more variability to the shapes closer to solved.
The Star Trap Plus is exactly the same size as the Star Trap.
Height (from tip to tip): 120 mm
Diameter (inner sphere): 60 mm



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