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Bufferin 3 Cube
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A well built Rubik's cube with an ad for a kind of asprin on two of its sides.

My ex-girlfriend gave me this cube and it's probably the best built and longest lasting cube i've ever used. I'm no master, my best time is 2:20 to solve it. Its stickers arent any better than average but it turns better and feels sturdier. It says "Bufferin #3" on two of the sides (blue and white), which is a kind of asprin with 3 "buffer" ingredients to make it easier on your stoumach. I like regular asprin though, and i've never noticed it being hard on my stoumach.

It's kind of an added puzzle to have a cube with something directionally signifigant (like text) on the stickers of one or more of the sides, because it's possible for the cube to be solved such that the middle sticker is in a different orientation than the rest on those sides. As well as I know how to solve the cube, I have yet to discover the secret to effectivley aligning and unaligning the text on the center pieces with the text on the surrounding stickers. If you only consider the cube solved when the text is aligned, that makes the Bufferin 3 cube a slightly harder puzzle than the regular cube.



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