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Corner Twist Cube
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A 3x3x3 with 'legal' corner twist moves.

This puzzle is the result of a simple modification of a 3x3x3 which involves the sanding of corners. The puzzle itself functions just like a Rubik's cube, except the corners are made to twist, and turn well. The Corner Twist Cube has more permutations than the original Rubik's cube, however is still much easier to solve. The idea for this cube came from Nathan Wilson, however this cube has the regular 3x3x3 sticker scheme.
It is maybe the simplest hybrid puzzle in the museum: HFC[F1.0 C4.1 E4.0][C4.1 E4.0]
Although this is a straightforward change of the cube's pieces, even simpler than most shape transformations, it changes the possibilities of turns and is therefore not classified as 3x3x3.



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