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Tangram Minx
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A decahedral prism in shape of a dodecahedron.

This puzzle is the equivalent of the Tangram Cube in Dodecahedral shape. It allows face turns, identical to the ones of the Starminx I. It allows edge turns identical to the ones of the Starminx II.
10 faces look identical to those of a starminx (I or II), and 2 faces are just plain pentagons. As for the functionnality, this makes it the only starminx puzzle that changes shape without jumbling, since it allows 36° turns. That's because the base puzzle is in fact a face turning Decagonal Prism. It is equivalent to a Twisted-10, if David Pitcher had designed one.

The puzzle has 1193173837863792880942155211525324800000000000000000 = 1.2*10^51 permutations. It has a number of restrictions:
-The 10 edges perpendicular to the top and bottom faces can't be flipped.
-The 10 edges in the middle layer are split into 2 sets of 5 pieces. Their permutations can only be odd when the sum of orientations of the other set is odd too.
-The triangles are split into 5 sets of 10 pieces. Not all of these permutations can be odd at the same time.
-More restrictions between the piece sets create an additional factor fo 64.
Because of all these restrictions this sticker scheme is equivalent to the Super-variant.

Edge length: 26 mm
Weight: 106 grams



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