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Hexcopter 12D
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A hexagonal prism, turning on the 12 short edges.

Hexcopter 12D is a deeper cut version of the edge turning hexagonal prism first presented as Hexcotper 12 Curvy. The "D" indicates deeper cuts, which in the case of this puzzle are at a depth so that they converge on the centers of the hexagonal faces of the prism (also similar to the inventor's previous Pentacopter 10D puzzle). The Hexcopter 12D prism is sized such that the axes are aligned with a hexagonal dipyramid having all equal dihedral angles.
The Hexcopter 12D is jumbling-only, and despite it's simple appearance is a very complex puzzle with many hidden pieces. It was introduced at the same time as Matt Galla's Mystic Totem puzzle, which appears to be the same as Hexcopter 12D, but in fact has additional hidden unbandaging cuts.
Height: 57 mm (same as a standard cube)
Weight: 129.1 grams

Only days after David Pitcher's presented his design Matt Galla presented his Mystic Totem, which is the same puzzle. For Matt Galla the Mystic Totem is the fourth out of a planned series of seven puzzles, called Mystic. All seven will implement the same jumbling only axis system: face turning hexagonal dipyramid. Each puzzle of the series introduces at least one piecetype that the previous puzzle did not have. In this series the Mystic Totem implements the first 7 piecetypes (excluding the core).



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