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Jingling Ring-ting-tingling 3x3x3 Cube
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A 3x3x3 solved by sound. Without electronics.

The inventors initial goal was to build a 3x3x3 which is solved by sound.
The inventor bought 100 small bells, and planned on modifying them into six differently sounding bells, while still looking the exact same (so nothing on the outside would be modified to see or feel the difference). On arrival, about 12 of them sounded slightly different (read, were slightly defect), and the other ~88 sounded the same. So, the inventor has used 9 of those that sounded different; 9 of the regular ones: 9 with a piece of paper in them; 9 with some additional plastic parts in them; 9 completely stuffed with cotton pads so they don't produce any sound anymore; and 9 with very small almost unnoticeable indents to change their sound. So I have six differently sounding bells, which look exactly the same (unless you look on the inside of the bells).
The second challenge to implement this cube was to figure out a way to attach them to the 3x3x3 Cube, while still being able to ring them individually, instead of the entire cube at the same time. Because a retractable string mechanism isn't nearly small enough to fit in a single 3x3x3 cubie (not to mention I would need three for the corners), the inventor tried to come up with an alternative. He ended up buying mini key locks, so you can take a single bell off the cube for a moment to ring it, and then put it back when you know which of the six types it is.

Size (including the bells): 95 mm
Edge length (without bells): 57 mm
Weight: 219 grams



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