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Bulgarian Minx
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A hybrid between Skewb and Megaminx with stored cuts added to make it fully unbandaged.

The puzzle is named Bulgarian Minx because Bulgaria is the home country of the inventor and Bulgarian sounds a lot like Hungarian - an allusion to the home country of the Rubik's Cube.
The idea of the puzzle came when the inventor saw the Dodoctahedron - a puzzle by Raphaƫl Mouflin (see the separate museum entry).
That reminded him that there is a connection between the octahedron and the dodecahedron. So he wondered if there is a way to combine all 5 platonic solids in one. He found out that there is already a skewb made into a dodecahedron that doesn't shapeshift. The skewb is connected to the tetrahedron, the octahedron and the cube so he had to add a megaminx in the mix witch is connected to the dodecahedron and the icosahedron. The stored cuts that he introduced are all the possible ways the skewb planes can cut into the outer megaminx so he ended up with a puzzle that is closer to a hybrid between Chopasaurus and Megaminx. All the pieces of that hypothetical hybrid are present in the puzzle and they can be mixed up and scrambled but the movements of the Chopasaurus are restricted to only 4 of its 10 cut planes. The other 6 appear bandaged by the circles.
The circles here don't function like on a crazy puzzle. Their function is to expose the inner skewb on the surface. As a result the only piece of the total of 275 pieces that is hidden is the core, the other 274 are all stickered. Amazingly every face pattern is the same and every move returns the puzzle in its original shape.
Edge length: 35 mm
Weight: 222 grams



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