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Junior Mental Flop
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A Mental Flop reduced by one layer.

This puzzle features the same concept as the Mental Flop (please refer to the seperate entry) but with a 2x2x2 as core which makes it resemble 1x2x3.

In 2007 Brett Ballow built two times a shape variant of a Pyramorphix and named it "Stumbling Block" although he presented it three days after the Junior Mental Flop. It was separately prototyped in 2007 to be a promotional item (a gold brick puzzle) for Lode Runner for XBox 360.

In 2017 Grègoire Pfennig collaborated with Olivér Nagy to create 11 different shape variants for the Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 in Paris. All 11 puzzles came as limited series' of giveaways with 20 samples each. All puzzles are shape variants and implemented by gluing extensions on an Eastsheen 2x2x2. Olivér created the stickers for all of them.
This puzzle was number 5 in the series but not part of the giveaway series, and therefore there are no numbers on them, just the logos of the event, Greg's logo, and the logo of Olivér's Stickers.
The puzzle is a revisited version of Greg & Jon's Junior Mental Flop, by creating it large enough to make it able to fit to the pieces of the Mini ES 2x2x2. This puzzle is huge.
Size: 120 x 80 x 40 mm



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