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The Crazy B4 Cube was sold as a kit, which combines 13 Centre Types, various External B4 Bandaging, and/or PGE Parity to a Circle Cube (000), Crazy 3x3x3 Planet Cubes or Crazy 2-face puzzles.

The history of 3x3x3 Circle Cubes read as follows:

3x3x3 Circle Cube: All 0face(XO) 3x3x3. Invented by Aleh.

Crazy 3x3x3 Planet Cubes: 0face(XO) and 1face(O-O) combinations. Invented by Dayan/MF8.

Crazy 2-face Cubes: The addition of `2face/s` to Crazy333planet Cubes. Invented by a forum member called rline.

CrazyB4cube: (A puzzle with B4elements) The addition of 11 new centre types, external B4bandaging, and/or PGEparity to a Circle Cube(000), Crazy333planets or Crazy2face puzzles. Invented by Jason Burgess.

The CrazyB4cube was sold as a kit, with the possibility of constructing many thousands of puzzles from it. It consists of a combination of mass produced, hand-modified and 3D-printed components, with machine-cut stickers.

The internal 3D-printed mechanism allows both the inner ring and outer collar to be combined in 4 different ways: Free spinning [O], Blocked [X], Constrained [C], Piggyback-constrained [P]. Making a total of 13 centre types: CC CX CO XC XX XO OC OX OO, C-C O-O, PC, CP. When these are combined with 2faces it results in 26 possibilities.

External bandaging was hand modified for both the inner ring and outer collar blocks, which fit together in different ways to form a variety of bandaged blocks. The majority of kits were sold with single colour blocks, however a handful of kits were sold with a complete set of 6colour bandaging.

The centre components were originally hand modded and invented by Jason Burgess. Carl Hoff made the CAD designs for the second kit.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Jason Burgess.

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