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Double Trouble
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A set of two 3x3x3s which implement different subgroups althought their behaviour is deceivingly similar.

Double Trouble is a set of puzzles both based on an idea by Bram Cohen. The two puzzles seem to have the same behavior at start.
-The green and blue faces turn freely
-The yellow and white faces are coupled to each other
-The red and orange faces are completely blocked.
A difference arises when one turns the coupled yellow and white by a quarter turn. Then
-in version A, the red and orange faces remain blocked and the green and blue faces can still turn freely, whereas
-in version B, the green and blue faces become locked and the red and orange faces can suddenly turn freely.

More technically spoken:
Double Trouble A implements (U, D, FB') and has 2031663513600 permutations
Double Trouble B implements (U, D, Fs) and has 165150720 permutations
(numbers for the 3x3x3 without orientation of faces)



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