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Bandaged Skewb II
Above:Variant 6
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The complete set of bandaged skewbs which includes blocks with two bonds.

This entry (and the two accompanying ones) represent all the 16 bandaged skewbs which are considered worth implemeting.
To be more precise that means: The list of 2^24 possible bandaged Skewbscontains many duplicates. Off all variants which could be made identical by turning, mirroring and/or restrickering only one is retained in the results. All others are considered as duplicates and deleted. From the remaining list all variants are deleted which contain implicit bonds which means: A bond is not set but can be set without changing the puzzle. Such variants are considered as incomplete and are therefore deleted.
This analysis was done by the inventor in 2004. The remaining list contains 16 different bandaged skewbs.

5 of variants worth implementing contain a block with two bonds. This entry presents these variants.

The hexadecimal signature of each variant tells the user which possible bond is set and which not. All variants have an identical color scheme:
Red opposite Orange.
Blue opposite White.
Yellow opposite Green.



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