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Indicator Cube 4: The ATV
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A 4x4x4 with 24 gears inside the edge pieces.

The Indicator Cube 4 is a 4x4 with geared wheels inside each edge piece. The wheels, whose axes are parallel to the turning axis of the puzzle, turn when you turn the outer layers. Opposed to other geared puzzles all movements of the original puzzle (4x4x4) are still possible. A new set pieces is added.

The gearing is 8:44, which makes it look like the colors on the wheels just fly by. A full 360-degree turn of an outer layer causes the gears to turn 5.5 revolutions.
The name "Indicator" refers to the way the wheels (kind of) indicate how many corners (modulo 8) have passed by a particular edge. The name "ATV" was Gregoire Pfennigs idea. It is a 4x4 with wheels.



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