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Axis Dodecahedron
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A dodecahedron 3x3x3 "axised" within its solid.

This puzzle is part of a series of five. All five puzzles are 3x3x3s with the shape of a platonic solid. Compared with the already existing 3x3x3s of the respective shape these puzzles are "axised". That means their axis system is rotated within the solid.
The cube-version of this series is the wellknown "Axis Cube". The octahedron version has been built under the name "Octahedron Axis".
All three new members were completely 3d-printed including the mechanism. No extensions were used. A 57mm-sized cube can be placed exactly inside each shape.

Edge length: 36 mm
Weight: 165 grams



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann, Lawrence Cuthbert.

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