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Open Master Pentultimate
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A Master Pentultimate modified like the Open Gigaminx

This puzzle was clearly inspired by Tony Fishers Open Gigaminx. The freedom of 3D-printing allowed the inventor to switch to a principle and thereby create a puzzle with a new solving challenge.
Compared to this Tony's Open Petaminx has a Megaminx on the 'inside' but having it there does not really add anything since the Megaminx is also on the outside. The Open Master Pentultimate is a bit like a Multidodecahedron, with a (bandaged) Megaminx on the inside and a (bandaged) Master Pentultimate on the outside.
A mayor advantage over the Multidodecahedron (from the same author) is that it is far much easier to see inside.
This puzzle only really has 3 turnable faces. This was achieved by removing the cuts surrounding one corner.
Edge length: 40 mm



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Andreas Nortmann.

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