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Sysiphus II
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8 different sticker variations of a 2x2x2 sold during the original cube craze.

Sisyphus II was the name of eight sticker variations of a 2x2x2 sold during the cube craze in the early eighties. These variations ranged from very simple ones (with two sets of four identical cubies without visible orientation) to a variants which poses a challenge identical to a traditional 2x2x2. The different subvariants got different article numbers but no additional names.
Funnily the original leaflets give incorrect numbers of permutations. For the most difficult variant the manufacturer names 264539520 permutations instead of the correct 3674160. The mistake is that they obviously include different global orientations and do not know (!) that the last piece can't be oriented independently.
The puzzles were produced by a company TOGU and sold by SISO.

Images 1-3:
Courtesy, The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana



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