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3x5x5 (bandaged 5x5x5)
The above is currently the only image for this item.
5x5x5 with two cuts completely "deleted" by bandaging.

In 2011 Cubetwist presented a whole series of bandaged NxNxN's. It consists mostly of varaints already known to the community. Under the few new varaints was this, at least it seemed so. Puzzle building veteran Tony Fisher already made this variant in 1997 after a request of Norman Diamond although these variant were almost completely forgotten in the meantime.
Two cuts of the original puzzle was completely "removed" by pairwise bonding the adjacent pieces. The resulting puzzle behaves drastically different from the cuboid after which it was named because the possible moves differ significantly.
Compared with the other three new bandaged 5x5x5 this one uses a bandaging scheme with a higher degree of bandaging.



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