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Offset Skewb 2x2x2
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A hybrid puzzle of Okamoto's offset skewb and a halfturns only 2x2x2.

This puzzle was thought up by Andreas Nortmann, designed by Tom van der Zanden and printed by shapeways. It is a combination of Okamoto's Offset Skewb and a 2x2x2. To keep it a doctrinaire puzzle the movements of the 2x2x2-part allow only halfturns.
It represents a fully movable tetrahedron: The geometry of a tetrahedron allows only three axis systems for non-shape-changing twisty puzzles:
1. Cuts parallel to face (e.g. Pyraminx) equivalent to corner-turning hexahedra.
2. Cuts parallel to edges (e.g. Pyramorphix) equivalent to face-turning hexahedra. To stay in shape the movements here have to be restricted to halfturns.
3. A fusion of both cutting sets.

This puzzle here represents this third group but it was given a hexahedral shape. Interestingly this configuration of axes is the only subgroup of traditional axes configuration that is not trivial (only one axis), not a prism and no cuboid.
Edge length: 57 mm
Weight: 65 grams



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