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Constrained Cube
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A 3x3x3 which twisting abilities can be contrained by various pieces. Mass produced versions of four variants exists.

The Constrained Cube is a variation on the regular Rubik's Cube, where the rotation of faces can be limited to make solving the puzzle more difficult. This is achieved by having a cogwheel attached to the core, around which the centre piece rotates. The Constrained Cube uses a combination of custom pieces and regular Rubik's Cube pieces.

There are many possible variations of the Constrained Cube. It is possible to choose a different rotational freedom for every face by combining the modular pieces. There are parts that allow full rotation, parts that constrain the face to 180 and 90 degrees and parts that do not allow the selected face to move at all. There are also parts that will constrain a face to 270 degrees, but since going 270 degrees one way is the same as going 90 degrees the other way, they do not change the solving experience (but they could be nice as a joke for speedcubers!).

Beginning in September 2012 four mass produced variants (images #5-#14) of this concepts were sold by hknowstore. These four variants are:
Constrained Cube 90 - all faces 90 degree constrained
Constrained Cube 180 - all faces 180 degree constrained
Constrained Cube 270 - all faces 270 degree constrained
Constrained Cube Ultimate - mixed (including 0/90/180 degree constrained and free turn)
All four variants are available in two differently sized boxes.
Edge lenght: 55 mm



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