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Corner(8)-Turning Rhombic Dodecahedron
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A rhombic dodedahedron which twists around its 8 corners of 3rd degree.

This puzzle was made from a Face-Turning Octahedron.
The faces of the FTO became the corners of 3rd degree.
The corners of the FTO became the corners of 4rd degree.
The edges of the FTO became the faces.
Since the FTO it was made from has no "face"-pieces there are no distinct pieces for the corners of 3rd degree.
Since octahedron and rhombic dodecahedron share the same symmetrie groups this puzzle doesn't change its shape.
Edge length: 37 mm
Diameter: 59 mm
Weight: 123 grams

In 2014 Claus Wenicker presented a very similar version with round cuts. Claus designed extensions to be placed onto a Rex Cube.



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