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Adventures in Group Theory
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This book is a must have for true theorists. This is one of the few books which do not give solutions to specific puzzles. This books goes really deep into the mathematical basis under Rubiks Cube and its relatives.

Most books about Rubiks Cube and other puzzles present solutions and/or give lessons about the history of puzzles. Some of these books mention that there is a mathematical fundament under the puzzles and their solution. This is one of the few books which deal about this fundament, the group theory.
There are many books about group theory on the market too but this is one of the few ones which crosses the gap and deal with group theory in puzzles.

The subtitle says: "Rubik's Cube, Merlin's Machine and Other Mathematical Toys"
ISBN: 0-8018-6947-1
Language: English
Pages: 262



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