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Festival Flower (aka Festivalnij Zwetok)
Above:In original package
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Three layers (one hidden) with six marbles each. Two holes make the puzzle workable.

  • Inventor: Unknown
  • Mechanism: Moving Hole
  • Patents: Unknown
  • Producer: Unknown
  • Year: 1985
  • Original Price: $2.00 USD
  • Current Price: No Data

This puzzle consists of three layers with six holes each. The upper and lower layers can be rotated. Two of the marble of the middle layer can be pushed out to the small gaps in the surrounding frame. These holes allow the remaining marbles to be moved.
There are 18 marbles. 6 Marbles for each of the three colors blue, red and yellow.
The images of the pink version shown here steem from a perfect copy made by Anthony Greenhill in 2005. As can be seen from the images here there are many versions with different body colors. All have a white circle in common although this plastic ages and thereby turns into yellow. This happended to the plastic in image #14.

"Festival flower" is the emblem of the World Festival of Youth and Students, and the puzzle was released in 1985 to the XII festival, which took place in Moscow. It came with a packaging out of paper and clear plastic.
There is another version "Fill The Circle" (also known as "Telefonchik") with an identical mechanism but a slightly different shape.

The original price is based on the official exchange rate (0.6 rubels per dollar) although in socialist time this was completely theoretical.

A rough translation of the packagings text is:
"Moscow Factory of toys "Progress"
Puzzles help to improve logical thinking and savvy.
The puzzle consists of two rotating cassettes with colored balls inside.
Cassettes are connected by a fixed plate with two holes where one or two balls can be placed.
In this case the holes of the cassettes are available for the balls of desired color.
The goal is to place the balls in the cassettes according to the colors as shown on the pictures."
The last line includes technical informations and the price.



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Geert Hellings, Aleksey.

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