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BETCHA CAN'T! Flexible HexagonSimilar to Rubik's Magic, but with hexagon shaped tiles.
Dombai puzzleWhip-It with four layers and six columns. Made in the former soviet union.
Fill the circle (aka Telefonchik)The successor of "Festival Flower" with an identical mechanism but different shapes.

Fruit Cube IThe first fruit cube produced by Wonderful Puzzler in 1987.
GrippleAn uncommon puzzle produced in Hong Kong.
I magici anelli di RubikCome comporli con un metodo semplice e rapido

Quintamese CubesFive 3x3x3s joined like Siamese cubes.

Rota - 4 ColorA cylindrical 2x2x2 dating back to the 1980s
Rubik's Cubic CompendiumRecreations in Mathematics
Rubik's Magic Strategy Game"Easy to learn, a challenge to win." (Not to be confused with Rubik's Infinity, which is "easy to learn, a challenge to master"!)

SpectraTwelve circles with six sectors, eight colors on 9 arms!
SpinoutTry and remove the inner sliding mechanism, blocked by knobs you can only turn one at a time.
VVV-Puzzles Magic RingsA magic with 12 tiles. The puzzle is solved by making a cross with all rings matching.

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