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Other N-Sided: Fourteen
Super Truncated Curvy Copter IIIA Curvy Copter III truncated and stickered to be a super variant.
Super Truncated Curvy Copter PlusA Curvy Copter Plus truncated and stickered to be a super variant.
Super Truncated Helicopter CubeA Helicopter Cube truncated and stickered to be a super variant.

Tetracubominx (aka Cuboctaminx)A Pyraminx truncated down into a cuboctahedron.
TetrahexA truncations of a Pyraminx anywhere between a creation of Jürgen Brandt and the Truncated Octaminx.
Tetrakaidecahedron Magic Diamond UFO Puzzle CubeA 3x3x3 in shape of a hexagonal dipyramid but with truncated tips.

The Resistance PuzzleA sticker variant of the "Hex Skewb" produced as a merchandising article for the rock band MUSE.
Tri-Rectangle TwilighterA 3x3x3 truncated on all eight corners but not in identical depths.
Truncated 14Meffert's Pyraminx truncated on its six edges and the tips.

Truncated CubeThe corners on this 48 mm cube have been trimmed to a triangular silver stickered surface.
Truncated Cube (57 mm)The bigger version of the truncated cube.
Truncated Cube (chinese characters)Has plastic tiles instead of stickers and displays Chinese characters on the eight truncated corners.

Truncated Cube SkewbA Skewb truncated on its corners like the Truncated Cube which is an archimedean solid.
Truncated Face-turning Octahedron - Lanlan Magic JewelA face-turning octahedron with truncated tips.
Truncated Golden CubeA Golden Cube (which is a shape transformation of the Skewb) was truncated.

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