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Eight-Sided: Octahedron
Master OctamateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of an octahedron.
Master Skewb diamondA master skewb transformed into octahedral shape. Also appropriately described as face-turning octahedron with central face pieces.
Mini Master OctahedronAfter the Master Octahedron from the same inventor another 5x5x5 transformed into the shape of an octahedron.

Mirror OctahedronA face turning octahedron transformed like a bump cube aka mirror cube.
Mixup OctahedronA deeper cut mixup cube transformed into an octahedron.
OctacleThe concept of the Trifurcation Cube applied to an octahedron.

OctadotA curved cut version of Trajber's Octahedron.
Octahedral extended RhombicDodecahedronSkewbA rhombic dodecahedron skewb with 4 faces "deleted" be extending.
Octahedral FloppyA Floppy Cube in shape of an octahedron.

Octahedron 2x2x2A non-platonic 2x2x2
Octahedron 3x3x3 aka Greenhills octahedronAnthony Greenhill's octahedron build-up of a 3x3x3 cube.
Octahedron 4x4x4The concept of Greenhills Octahedron adapted to a 4x4x4.

Octahedron 7x7x7A 7x7x7 in shape of an octahedron.
Octahedron AxisA 3x3x3 was transformed into an Axis Cube which was transformed into an octahedron.
Octahedron WindmillA Trajbers Octahedron twisted by several degrees along its main axis.

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