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Eight-Sided: Octahedron
Crazy Octahedron Plus - VenusA face-turning octahedron with circles of which some rotate with the surrounding layers. This is part of a series of five puzzles named after planets.
Curvy Face Turning OctahedronA variant of the face-turning octahedron with curvy cuts.
Curvy Octahedral MegaminxA megaminx in octahedral shape. It is not a shape transformation but designed from scratch.

Dayan Corner OctahedronModern mass produced variant of the "Magic Octahedron" from the eighties. Sold in differently colored versions.
Dino OctaA face-turning octahedron. Built without CAD before the age of 3D-printing!
DogocA bandaged Dogic extended into the shape of an octahedron.

Door's OctahedronA Masterball in shape of an octahedron.
Earth OctahedronAn octahedral modification of a 2x2x2 cube with sticker design of the earth globe.
Edges Only Trajbers OctahedronA Traijbers Octahedron without the tips.

Eitan's Edge-Turning OctahedronThe octahedral equivalent of the Curvy Copter II.
Elliptical Cross OctahedronA very clever subset of the 5x5x5.
Escher Fish Skewb DiamondA custom sticker variation of a Skewb Diamond. Inspired by the great works of M.C. Escher.

Escher OctahedronOctahedron featuring original artwork by M.C.Escher, shows a total of 24 butterflies.
ETO SkewbA Skewb in octahedral shape and additional edge turns. Or an edge turning octahedron combined with a skewb.
Face-Turning OctahedronThe first face-turning octahedron with straight cuts.

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