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Eight-Sided: Octahedron
Curvy Octahedral MegaminxA megaminx in octahedral shape. It is not a shape transformation but designed from scratch.
Dayan Corner OctahedronModern mass produced variant of the "Magic Octahedron" from the eighties. Sold in differently colored versions.
Dino OctaA face-turning octahedron. Built without CAD before the age of 3D-printing!

DogocA bandaged Dogic extended into the shape of an octahedron.
Door's OctahedronA Masterball in shape of an octahedron.
Edges Only Trajbers OctahedronA Traijbers Octahedron without the tips.

Eitan's Edge-Turning OctahedronThe octahedral equivalent of the Curvy Copter II.
Elliptical Cross OctahedronA very clever subset of the 5x5x5.
Escher Fish Skewb DiamondA custom sticker variation of a Skewb Diamond. Inspired by the great works of M.C. Escher.

Escher OctahedronOctahedron featuring original artwork by M.C.Escher, shows a total of 24 butterflies.
ETO SkewbA Skewb in octahedral shape and additional edge turns. Or an edge turning octahedron combined with a skewb.
Face-Turning OctahedronThe first face-turning octahedron with straight cuts.

Faceless octahedral 4x4x4An octaehdral 4x4x4 without the triangular faces one would expect.
Flat Octahedron (Sharp Edges 5052828000)A 3x3x3 truncated on eight edges and afterwards extended. The result has a shape of an non-regular octahedron.
Gear Corner-Turning OctahedronGeared version of a Magic Octahedron.

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