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Other N-Sided: Four
FlopMMA Mastermorphix style puzzle bases on a Floppy Cube.
Gear Halpern-Meier TetrahedronA tetrahedron with gears. Compared with the preceeding Gear Pyraminx this one has a different cutting depths which gives it a resemblace to the HMT aka Halper-Meier Tetrahedron.
Gear MastermorphixA Gear Cube transformed into the shape of Reuleaux tetrahedron.

Gear PyraminxThe "geared" variant of the Pyraminx.
GenomorphixA 2x3x3 transformed into a tetrahedron.
Ghost MastermorphixThe concept of the ''Ghost Cube'' applied to a Mastermorphix.

Giant MastermorphixA 3x3x3 tetrahedron custom made from a 100 mm cube.
Giant PyraminxA Pyraminx made to be the largest full functional Pyraminx ever made.
Giant Wall MastermorphixA 3x3x3 Wall Cube in shape of a tetrahedron

Gift PyramidThe concept of the Gift Cube applied to the Pyraminx.
GigaReuleauxMinxA gigaminx in shape of a tetrahedron.
Greenhill's TetrahedronA Square-1 transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.

Half Turn TetraAn edge-turning pyraminx which does not change shape.
Helicopter PyramidA Helicopter Cube heavily truncated and slightly extended into the shape of a triangular pyramid.
HelicoptrahedronThe first shape transformation of a Curvy Copter and the second tetrahedron with this axis system.

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