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Other N-Sided: Five
Tower Triangle PrismA straightforward shape variant. A 2x2x3 in shape of a triangular prism.
Tri-1A piece shuffle between two Square-1s. Newly stickered.
TriagBlockA skewb in shape of a trigonal prism.

Triang-1A Square-1 transformed into the shape of triangular prism.
Triangle DominoA Domino in shape of a triangular prism.
Triangle Prism (2x2x2)A 2x2x2 in shape of a triangular prism.

Triangular CheeseA 2 layered Cheese puzzle extended into a triangular prism.
Triangular DominoA triangular prism with two layers.
Triangular prismA puzzle with dihedral axis system and 5 possible twists.

Triangular prism (edgeless)A handmade relative of the Grimace but smaller and more puristic.
TriCopter 6 PillowA pillowed version of the previous HeliPrism 6 puzzles.
Tricopter 9A 9-axis edge-turning triangular prism.

Tricopter 9 PillowA pillowed version of the HeliPrism 9 Ball puzzle.
Tricopter 9DD FlatA version of the Tricopter puzzle where the jumbling cuts have been moved deeper, and the non-jumbling cuts are deep.
Tricopter 9DD PillowA pillowed edge turning prism with axes at all nine edges. The three axes at the 60 degree edges are deep cut.

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