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Twelve-Sided: Other
HexisAn axis cube truncated into the shape of a hexagonal dipyramid.
Hexis 3x3x5A cubic 3x3x5 transformed like a Hexis Cube.
Master Hexagonal Dipyramid (Black/White)A 4x4x4 (aka Master Cube) in midturn in shape of a hexagonal diypramid.

Master Hexagonal Dipyramid ColourA 4x4x4 (aka Master Cube) in midturn in shape of a hexagonal diypramid with colored stickers.
Master Hexis CubeThe concept of the Hexis Cube applied on a 4x4x4
MegamoidA megaminx minus twenty pieces but still fully functional.

Megamoid IIA megaminx with three sides completely truncated.
Midturn Windmill Hexagonal DipyramidA Windmill Cube moved into midturn and truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid.
Non Rectangle TwilighterA 3x3x3 truncated on six of its eight corners.

Non-regular DodecahedronA 3x3x3 truncated six times with two different truncation patterns.
Pentagonal antiprismA 2x2x3 in shape of a pentagonal antiprism.
PetamoidInspired by the Megamoid come here the higher order version.

Psico CubeA shape transformed 3x3x3 with a strange but still symmetric shape.
Pyramid PillowA custom made pillow cube with two little pyramids on the two tips of the puzzle.
QuadStarQuadStar is a non-shape-shifting jumbling puzzle based on the snub disphenoid, elongated at the four five-way vertices.

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