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Six-Sided: Cuboid
3x3x5 (quasi olzed)A fully functional cuboid handmade from a 5x5x5 without square tiling on top and bottom.
3x3x5 CircleA piece shuffle between 3x3x4 Circle and 3x3x6.
3x3x5 IIVersion from a 5x5x5.

3x3x5 Super CuboidA Crazy 3x3x3 with two circles replaced with additional layers.
3x3x6The first custom made fully functional 3x3x6.
3x3x6 (rectangular pieces)A built-up of the 3x3x4 (Circle) of the same inventor and producer.

3x3x7The first 3x3x7 cuboid.
3x3x8A handmade 3x3x8.
3x3x9A fully functional 3x3x9 cuboid.

3x4x4One of the earlier cuboids. Started as one of Tony Fisher's custom puzzle.
3x4x4 CamouflageA 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it pretends to be a 3x4x4.
3x4x5The long awaited bigger brother of the 2x3x4.

3x4x5 Floppy I-cube ExtremeA bandaged 5x5x5 with three layers removed on two sides.
3x4x6Another "olzed" cuboid.
3x4x6 (proportional)Another cuboid designed by Grégoire Pfennig. compared with the predecessor it is proportional.

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