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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Hell's CuboidThe concept of the Ghost Cube applied to a 3x3x4 with the offset layers along the 3-layered axis.
Holey Mental BlockA Void Skewb transformed into a mental block.
Holey X-BlockA Holey Skewb (aka Void Skewb) that has been extended on two sides.

Hollow 1x2x2Probably the most minimalistic twisty puzzle although by far not the most trivial to make.
Hollow 1x2x5The most leightweight 1x2x5.
Holy Hand Grenade cuboidA 3x3x5 redesigned from scratch and bandaged.

Horizontal Super 3x3x4A mass produced 3x4x5 with two layers removed.
i! cubeCombines the concept of the I-Cube with the Bump Cube.
I-Cube Bumpoid 2x3x3 (Extended)A 3x3x3 Bump Cube with the top two layers glued, and 3D printed extentions added to the sides.

Impossible 1x5x5 CuboidA 1x3x3 with additional layer attached. The corners are held in place with magnets.
Johns Hopkins 1x2x5Not a mass produced puzzle but customly 3D-printed.
Junior Mental FlopA Mental Flop reduced by one layer.

Keychain 1x2x3 (8 mm cubies)The smaller cousin of the 1x2x3.
King's CubeA cornerless 3x3x3 with additional pieces which gave it the look of a 3x3x5.
KolasA 3x3x3 bandaged and extended with cubies glued on.

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