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Moving: Tiles
Elemental:ScandiumAn Elemental:Fluorine enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding twelve triangles.
Elemental:SulfurAn Elemental:Neon enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding six triangles.
EliacTwo intersecting circles similar to the Lotica.

Equator (aka: Color Globe)A clever, metal, tile-sliding puzzle.
Equator (aka: I.Q. Ball)Hollow blue "corners" with letter, number and symbol tiles.
Equator (caved in red sphere)Another variant of the Equator-puzzle. This one is based on a different patent.

Equator (green with numbers)Green with numbered tiles.
Equator (green with symbols)Green with symbol tiles. A mix between a sliding tile and a twisty puzzle, since an hemisphere rotates.
Equator (letters and smilies)There are at least two differently coloured bodies.

Equator (red with symbols)Red with symbol tiles.
Farmland GearA puzzle with intersecting circles. Compared with similar circles this puzzle has additional gears inside the big square-like pieces. Privately produced in small quantity in four variants.
Five by FiveA custom made larger version of Tsukuda Square

Flip-SideTen tiles, one rotatable plane and two additional plungers.
Four by four Alternative versions of Tsukuda square with a several animals instead of coloured or numbered pieces.
Four by Four (spanish)Alternative version of the hard Tsukuda Square, made for the spanish market.

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