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Moving: Tiles
Twist 'N Push (Germany 2006)A puzzle that combines three intrsecting plungers with one rotation.
Two DiamondsThree plungers (two vertical, one horizontally) each moving six pieces.
UFO - The Varia DiscVery similar to the Tricky Disky.

Unknown Doubled EquatorAn unknown puzzle originating from the soviet union.
UriblockSlide puzzle related to Rubik's XV and Tsukuda's Square.
Vario DiskyThis Mind Maze/Tricky Disky-like puzzle has four wings and eight colours.

Vertushka-2 A handmade 2D-puzzle with rotaging circles.
Vertushka-3A handmade 2D-puzzle with rotating circles.
VitrailTwo circles can rotate in multiples of 30°. A jumbling puzzle.

Whirligig Plate 5 CirclesThe version with five circles.
Whirligig Plate 9 CirclesNine circles version. Apart from the basic solution, there are other patterns that can be made with the colours.
Zauberkreuz (aka: Magic Cross)This puzzle is similar to the Triple Cross by Binary Arts.

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