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Other N-Sided: Other
KiteminxA Skewb modified into the shape of a deltoidal icositetrahedron which is a catalan solid.
Lotus IIA vertex-turning square antiprism with the shape of a Gyroelongated Square Dipyramid which is a Johnson solid.
Love-BirdA corner only Tuttminx.

Madness PlusA nine-sided face turning puzzle with six jumbling axes and three non-jumbling axes.
Master Snub DodecahedronA Masterball in shape of the Snub Dodecahedron which is one of the archimedean solids.
Megaminx BallA heavily truncated megaminx.

Megaminx CubeA heavily truncated megaminx. Nowadays this shape transformation resembles the hexaminx or the Icositetranova.
Mirror 1x1x2The concept of the Mirror cube applied to a 1x1x2.
Mixup KitesA Mixup Cube shape transformed into a deltoidal icositetrahedron which is a catalan solid.

MK2 grenadeA transformation of the 3x3x3 with the shape of the namegiving grenade.
Modificacion 3x3x3 DiamondA 3x3x3 truncated into a diamond-like shape with thirteen sides.
Mystic StoneA jewel-like shape of the Hexcopter 12.

NovablockA skewb in shape of a nonagonal prism. It can be solved by shape.
Octaminx UltimatePyraminx Ultimate with small pyramidal tips. This version became mass produced.
Pentagonal HexecontahedronA skewb in shape of the namegiving solid which is a catalan solid.

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