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Other N-Sided: Other
EnneaminxA puzzle defying all classification systems. The axes are oriented like a corner-turning cube but the possible twists are enhanced in a very unexpected way.
Envelope SkewbA multiple-truncated Ultimate Skewb.
Espera MasterSpanish version of the Diamond Style Puzzler. Came in several different colour variants.

Face of AndromedaAn Andromeda cube reduced to four axis.
Face-turning deltoidal IcositetrahedronA jumbling only puzzle in the shape of the namegiving solid.
Fancy StoneA Square-1 (more precise: star prism) transformed into a "Half Truncated Elongated hexagonal Dipyramid".

Fire Dragon BallA Pyraminx Crystal truncated into the shape of a truncated icosidodecahedron which is a archimedean solid.
Flat and Sharp Octahedron (Sharp Edges 18051D2E28060)A 3x3x3 truncated on 16 edges and afterwards extended. The result combines the shapes of the flat octahedron and the sharp octahedron.
Flattened JewelA 3x3x3 truncated on five corners but still with a high degree of symmetry. One of the rare shapes with eleven sides.

FluoriteA Master Skewb in shape of a Tetrakis hexahedron which is a catalan solid. Additional shallow cuts were added as well to make the four-fold corners turn.
Fractured CubeA vertex-turning jumbling tetrakis hexahedron.
FudballThe dodecahedral cousin of the Doctor Skewb.

FudgidronA face-turning chamfered cube. A fudged puzzle.
FuttminxThe "fudged" cousin of the tuttminx which allows more movements.
Geared KitesA shape variant of the Geared Mixup. It preserves its shape while turning.

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