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Truncated Cuboctahedron SkewbA Skewb in shape of the name giving solid which is an archimedean solid.
Truncated DodecahedronA megaminx truncated into the shape of a truncated dodecahedron, an archimedean solid.
Truncated Dodecahedron 3x3x3A 3x3x3 truncated into the shape of a dodecahedron and subsequently truncated into the namegiving solid.

Truncated Dodecahedron SkewbAn Ultimate Skewb truncated into the shape of a truncated dodecahedron which is a archimedean solid.
Truncated DogicA truncated version, made by Tony Fisher, of the Dogic, made by Uwe Meffert.
Truncated GigaminxA straightforward truncation of a Gigaminx, which results in a bandaged puzzle.

Truncated Helicopter DodecahedronA mass produced Helicopter Dodecahedron truncated into a shape almost equals to the icosidodecahedron.
Truncated Icosahedron MegaminxA megaminx truncated into the name giving shape.
Truncated Skewb KiteA Rhombic Dodecahedron Skewb (aka skewb kite) truncated into the shape of a chamfered cube.

Truncated Triakis TetrahedronA 2x2x2 in an unusual but very regular shape.
TruncRDA Rex cube axised and transformed into the shape of a small rhombicuboctahedron, an archimedean solid.
TuttminxThe puzzle is an extension of the Megaminx to a truncated icosahedron (soccerball or buckyball for the chemists).
All 32 sides are rotatable.

Unique-1A truncated and extended 3x3x3. The cuts are placed arbitrary by purpose.
V-skewb-XA Skewb Kite truncated into the shape of a Rhombicuboctahedron.
Verr├╝ckter DrachenA crazy octahedron with extensions to give it the shape of a deltoidal icositetrahedron which is a catalan solid.

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