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Other Puzzles: Pattern Matching
Enigma - StarsIt reads: "The future is in our stars"
Enigma - University ConnecticutDepicts the logo of the health centre of the University of Connecticut.

Enigma - Unknown characterDepicts an unknown character which looks like splash painted.
Enigma - Unknown coat of armsDepicts a coat of arms representing an entity unknown to the curator. Founded in 1876
Enigma - UPSUnscamble the UPS logo.

Enigma - VistakonA promotional item for Vistakon, a Johnson & Johnson division.
Fool's SpoolFour layers need to be arranged that all eight columns total twelve.
HexagonAnother version of instant insanity with six layers and six columns

Hot RocksA 3D tangle-type puzzle with rotating faces
Hungarian RockA pattern matching puzzle much like Tantrix Rock from the 1980's are even older.
Instant InsanityThe classic puzzle in the version from the 1960s.

Instant Insanity IIAn upgraded version of "Instant Insanity" with a new challenge.
Kabalabda BallA pattern matching puzzle with dodecahedral symmetry.
Kubiki GolovolomkaSoviet variant of instant insanity.

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